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Health Cover

ONE MONTH FREE FOR OUR MEMBERS ON ANY OF BUPA's OVERSEAS VISITOR HEALTH COVER PLANS! And if you're already a resident, you can get 1 month free on any Bupa private health insurance policy instead.

Getting an appropriate level of health cover may be a requirement for your Australian visa. Plus, it's good to have some protection when you're living abroad. After doing some research and speaking to a number of members in our network, we found that Bupa offered a great balance between price and benefits as well as a "healthy" variety of plans that can include the types of extras that our members wanted such as Dental, Optical, Physio, Chiro/Osteo and Natural Therapies. So we asked them for a deal and they gave us one!

Here's some of the benefits of Bupa's Overseas Health Cover:

  • 100% emergency ambulance cover
  • Complimentary access to an after hours home doctor service
  • Member exclusive benefits through Bupa's member reward program which offers an exclusive range of discounts, health tools and information to help get more from your membership including; Special offers and discounts, access to special events and access to health tools, information and programs. For more info visit bupaplus.com.au
  • Refunds a percentage of the balance on selected pharmacy items, per script item, up to a maximum of $300 per person per calendar year limit
  • Quality Cover - even Bupa's most basic working and non-working covers include cover to see a doctor or specialist, for when you’re admitted to hospital, for pharmacy and ambulance service
  • Bupa will allow customers on Overseas Visitors Covers to suspend their membership for a period of between one and nine months if travelling overseas
  • Direct line of contact - Bupa has dedicated staff to help Network Canada members so if things ever do go wrong, at least there's some level of direct contact there to help fix it!
  • You get 1 Month FREE for being a part of Network Canada


Go online:

Join by email:

  • Email our direct contacts there: Amy.Yang@bupa.com.au or Bella.Li@bupa.com.au. They're both really friendly and helpful so don't hesitate to get in touch with either of them!
  • Remember to mention Network Canada to get the 1 month free

Join by phone:

  • Call our direct contacts on their mobiles. Amy is on: 0418 470 405  or Bella is on: 0439 085 914 
  • Alternatively, call 134 135 to call our contact centre
  • Remember to mention Network Canada to get the 1 month free

Bupa Member enquires
For claims and general enquiries: call Bupa on 134 135 (from within Australia or +61 3 9487 6400 from outside Australia) or visit their member self-service area, myBupa

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